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Pyspark setup for IntelliJ IDEA

on 2021-01-24

Simple configuration of a new Python IntelliJ IDEA project with working pyspark. I was inspired by "Pyspark on IntelliJ" blog post by Gaurav M Shah, I just removed all the parts about deep learning libraries. I assume that you have a working IntelliJ IDEA IDE with Python plugin installed, and Python 3 installed on your machine. We will create a Python project in IntelliJ IDEA, change its Python SDK to a virtualenv based Python SDK, add Pyspark dependency to this VirtualEnv, install Pyspark in this VirtualEnv and finally test it using a small Pyspark hello world.

#pyspark #spark #python

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Pyspark gotchas for Scala Spark developers

on 2021-01-22

Apache Spark is developed in Scala. However Python API is more and more popular as Python is becoming the main language of Data Science. Although Python and Scala APIs are very close, there are some differences that can prevent a developer used to one API to smoothly use the other. This article lists those small differences, from the point of view of a Scala Spark developer wanting to use PySpark.

#pyspark #spark #scala #python

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